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Signing My Work

cuke - Copy

This picture is going to a new home soon so that meant I had to sign it.┬áSigning my work is stressful because I never feel like I can get it to look just right. At least if my oil painting is nice and dry I can wipe it off and do it over as many times as needed. It was quite a problem with watercolor where I got just one try. I signed a watercolor with pencil today- That turned out to be a good solution for me. I envy people who can casually throw off a negligent cool illegible signature. I can only make mine look plain and legible- like signing my homework in grade school. I did practice to figure out what looks the best to me and believe me it looks better than it would if I had not practiced it! I decided to sign my first and last name always because I’m proud to be a woman artist- historically women have had a tough time in the field of painting like in so many areas of endeavor where they have not been taken seriously.


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